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The Truth about 20 Seconds of Hand Washing

In the early hours of the morning, I turned to the side table, as usual, to take a drink from my water bottle— my mouth was so dry, I knew I needed a drink. So I took a long sip, then naturally, I had to go to the bathroom. Immediately proceeded with the up to the elbows 20 seconds of doxology hand sanitation. (Hopefully, we all have gotten that part down.) However, instead of focusing on the doxology, this time, I was thinking about the water. I was focused on the significance of our body's makeup of 80 percent water. It's the 80 percent that runs through the 20 percent of these skin and bones. In fact, in Genesis 1, the Spirit of God moving across the water was the first stirring of life from the earth in Creation. Think about it. It's mostly about the movement in the water. The essential part of our 80 percent soul / 20 percent just this skin and these frail bones that are ripe for sickness and the breaking. However, the need for merely fresh, pure water is the hardest thing to acknowledge we need at times. We like to try to replace the 80 percent with the non-essential. Things that actually replace the water — sometimes with something that actually makes us more dehydrated than if we would simply drink the water we need. John 7:38 says: "Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them." So when you are washing your hands for 20 seconds to keep sickness from affecting your bones, remember the 80 percent that is water. And the Spirit of God that brings life-giving movement to the water. The 80 percent water that brings movement our 80 percent eternal and pour in more. Because in that, we have our real sense of Being. The essential filling of the fullness of Him that breathes and gives life when this 20 percent of frail bones fail. It's mentioned in Matthew 5:6: "To thirst after righteousness." And let's not confuse that with the thirst for just doing the "right things" It's the desire to seek after the knowing the fullness of living that the Spirit of God brings to our water. His breath is the 80 percent of eternal My breath is the 20 percent of these lungs He fashioned for this life. It's our job to acknowledge and give due care and attention to the 80 before we care function in our 20. Thank you, Father, for our 80 percent that moves our authentic living —our true eternal. So even when the rain falls in this life, let it focus us on being moved in the eternal. The 20 percent foundation of our skin and bones to show others that the 80 percent needs the Spirit of God that gives real life to our water in the eternal.

And that only comes when we daily acknowledge His life-giving movement in OUR 80 and pursue Him in our thirst for more

It's a good thing to think about washing your hands.

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