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just want one lifetime of answers

just want one drop in the pool 

just want one minute of dreaming

and all the faith to come through

to see clouds from the upside of down

to let sun press grey skies blue

one bud to push the rocky deeps

to hold one moment of air

to root a stoney persistence

and all the strength of my knees

so that the smallness of seedling

may find the bigness of trees

#horizons @barefacedgirl

Silent softness

I am in need of you

The cove of quiet plush

Where I can come to my senses

Push a cool glass to my brow

Help me escape

The heat pressing my back

And the noise of loud minds

Give me the shade of tall trees

In the sink of a hammock's resting

To rock away the weight of a day’s worry

Wisping cloudy pictures in the sky

#silentsoft @barefacedgirl

Just let good love

fall where it may

And let me catch

every drip-drop

So that it may

be given away

To curl up

the cheeks

To serve you

to smilin'

And feasting

on good medicine.

#goodlove   @barefacedgirl

I don't know how to make sense

Of all this spinning in my head

When you hold my hand

Is the only time things line up

In that one step in front of the other

That leaves me weak in the knees

For falling into you

#spinning @barefacedgirl


i feel your hand on my back

your love that tucks me

is undeniable in its lavished thick

i'm overwhelmed by the occupation of your gaze

the heat of your love

the peace that pulls me in

the constant steady

of your heartbeat never

finds its waver my ears

if I but listen and hear

i know i am not alone

I will call your name

i will live there

i need you so much

in this frail

so broken fragile

pull me into your together

gather me to you

let me rest there 

for the dust of these days

hold a ripple in the universe

let me rest there

for the days of my breathing

eternity and beyond

in the safest harbor

in the palm of your hand

#barefacedprayers @barefacedgirl


learn to appreciate the life

right in front of your face

in every inch of quiet space

in every giggle

set your mind solid

to circle thankful

for what you have

and your have nots

for lack is blind to itself

until it is measured

by greener fields

and greater expectations

in a day's ripe harvest

every goodness is on the table

if we'd only open our eyes

on each new sunrise

to pay love forward

and feast on the riches

#thegoodlife   @barefacedgirl


I'm quite confident in my own weakness

It is original beauty of Your making

In my willful choice of melding and folly

Doesn't she make Your greatness

A stunning companion?

#pictureperfect  @barefacedgirl

Restore my sight

To the beauty

Of the human condition

That seeks to love

More than take

That binds one hand

To the other

The essence of soul

The refine of broken

Weaving one patchwork

To the other

#restoremysight  @barefacedgirl

Rein the flips of letters

of one word

put before the other

from one idea

flowing to the next

windy expression

in the link

of curling sentiments

#letteredloops  @barefacedgirl

I’m trying not to get knotted up in my desperate sensibilities

That life should prove itself to line up on my terms

Or that I have a clue about the depth of the divine mind

Or why things happen like they do


Just an inch of dirt moved back to scratch the universe

An ocean depth of rosy glass spit shined in the corners

Because to me, it doesn’t make sense half the time

How to carry on and push on through the horrible


Why paint birth to grow into beautiful death

To follow a path to pain to drink the honey of heaven

Find paradise by taking on human skin

To embrace the life of a loser to win

To embrace our weak frail to find our true strength

It does not make sense in the logical reasoning


To bridge the scoop of the God-shaped hole

It is what it is and sometimes there is nothing to it but that

But to see the path clearer, I hold it in closer

I find my head’s pound in the waterfall of nonsense words


To see the things that are invisible

I’ll never have the right words

or the clarity of figuring it all out

It lines up somewhere in the making
of fairy tales of far, far away

Those pages I will never read in this lifetime


Only those of the blessed unreasonable hope

Only those of illogical grace

Only those of impossible love

Those pages I read

And they still do not make sense


Life does not make sense

And we still sit in this boat together

But it does move on

And so it goes

And so does LOVE ... 

#loveknots  @barefacedgirl

I've made my days

in the well learned lessons

I've made my learnin'

in the stories retold

Some of them I've seen

But most of them

I've walked through

And I keep walkin'

This path on my own

As this story continues to unfold

And I keep talkin'

Keep on talkin' to myself

And I keep learnin'

Beatin' my face to the ground.

God help me if I stop learnin'

Those well learned lessons

That's gonna bring me back down

That's gonna take me home

That's gonna help me travel on..

#welllearnedlessons   @barefacedgirl

My soul is bloomed

in the light of you

And my song

is your heartbeat

Painting pictures of spring

in the bleak of winter

An oasis in the desert dry

#soulbloom   @barefacedgirl

Out of the thousands

You picked me.

Your words gently

serenade my ears

That cutting depth

pulls the blush to tears

Soaking into the heat of Your hand

Your piercing gaze—it's heavy

Securing me in deep-pockets

You grab me out in prideful display

#wiltyflower   @barefacedgirl

Days fall in weeks...

months to years...

all in the matter of compressed space...

eternity in a blink of time...

but still...

I Am at the other end of the hall...

and so are you...

I hear you...

those familiar sentiments

echo the corridor...

sinking palms

to plastered walls...

the shadows warm the glass...

though each door it closes on itself ...

My heart knocks ...

#myheartknocks   @barefacedgirl

Today I'm choosing steadfast

Instead of choosing stuck

Today instead of being held captive

I'm willing to give in to giving it up

Because I want to feel your freedom

And this endless grace

That you have wrapped gently

Round my precious frame

#mychosing   @barefacedgirl

So that I might shine barefaced

In blood, sweat and tears pursuit of a Holy God

Living free and abandon to the transformed life

Pulling souls to seek and know the victory

In the unconditional love of a Savior

Heralding trumpets of the glorious unseen

#barefacedjourney   @barefacedgirl

Pulled strings

make the prettiest sounds

All stretched tight

All tied down

Neatly in a row

In the line of together

The thin of wound it's making

Pays its rent in the strike it's taking

That one last ounce to meet its weighty

Of failing to play its part anymore

Curled Qs hold their pretty on the floor

#curledQs   @barefacedgirl

Calling to me

The end of the path

The twisty turns

Of indecisive reason

That has a sense of order

In its cobblestone effect

It holds my feet

In the light that pulls

A mind through it

The night draws hope

for sunlight's bloom

Calling to me

The end of the path

And the bright of

a next foot's stepping



The backwards

frontways of it all

Finding a shore's

Most capable nesting

Turning my sails

To conquer rough seas

#endofthepath   @barefacedgirl

I write you

In the acrylics

And scribbled lead

The kind of friend

That I hoped for

In diamond dusting

The wishful blow of fluff

The kind of hero

That scaled towers

To wrap a tender heart

That fail-safe framework

Pulling haloed

Circled shadows

of a savior

You never had

The capacity to be

Between the smooth of skin

And the lines of soul

I paint you in

#scribbles   @barefacedgirl

My love is your constant

Through the roughest seas

It holds the depth of anchor

The gentle soft of breeze

It wraps the frail of heirloom

Kneels to lip the broken knees

My love is your constant

My love will knit your peace

#lovesconstant   @barefacedgirl

The gate is blocked

by tokens and trinkets

And the promises of false gods

And the graves of dead men

Who never saw the light

But the trumpet is calling

The day is rolling out

That work of this

will no longer block

For the world will see

the break in my face

And dead eyes

will be opened

To the finished line

Look east

I'm just around the dawn

#lookeast   @barefacedgirl

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