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i love planting blooms and 
smiles wherever i roam, 
barefoot & barefaced 
embracing raw life 
and simple good.
the @barefacedheart
the @barefacedcreative
i may not have perfected any one skill, but i have a die hard need to test the odds. i'm willing to be first to fail in order to be the first to find out something new.

I'm a part of a sisterhood, in fact, I'd call it a humankind-hood. I'm one of the many on this round planet who daily face the challenge of keeping life in focus while battling a bunch of brain chemicals that don't like to play nice.  In fact, sometimes my thoughts move so fast it's hard to tie them down.  And I get depressed or anxiety-ridden when I can't keep up. 


If I can do anything with my life print it's to give the world a greater understanding of what the face of mental illness looks like...

                             and it looks a lot like me.


Our lives are valuable and our talents are beautiful and unique. And more people are walking this road than both you and I think.


We are the creatives and dreamers of dreams...

although some of us struggle harder than others to find the sun.  It is my prayer to be a torch bearer to those who are on this journey, shining a light on the beauty and good things that often can be eclipsed by the mind. 



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