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Leading Hearts June 2018 Issue

Leaving a Paul Legacy

The Apostle Paul left a legacy for all followers of Christ. This issue will challenge us to walk worthy, no matter what. You’ll find our interview with Andrew Hyatt, writer and director for the movie “Paul Apostle of Christ,” as well as with Annie Walover Dupre of the Annie Moses Band. Author, preacher and conference speaker Sophia Ruffin shares her own story of being “Set Free and Delivered.”
What happens when you feel your ministry has been rejected? Shirley Brosius lays down some guidelines that will help you embrace God’s purpose for you. And Edie Melson offers helps on how to harness the power of social media for tentmaking.
You’ll find that and much more in the new issue.
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Available to download as a printable PDF, click HERE.

It is available NOW on your PC, click HERE or just click on the cover.

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#REALCHURCHLADIESMeet  sisters like Saundra
& Share your #reallifesnapshots

Leading Hearts May/June 2016 Issue

#REALCHURCHLADIES—Up Close & Personal  

We’re celebrating the sparkle of our award-winning magazine by celebrating you—#REALCHURCHLADIES. In this issue  you’ll meet girls just like you and me—one sisterhood, united in God purpose, to keep it real for His Glory. Get the best of advice from #realchurchladies like Charity Reeb, Karen Porter, Pam Farrel and Stephanie Fast and 1GN (One Girl Nation) who know first hand that God uses lots of grit to shine through His diamonds a.k.a. His daughters. All that and more is packed into the new issue. Get mobile delivery of this issue by texting LEADINGHEARTS (one word) to 95577 to access special leadership support tools and freebies. #barefaceddesigns 

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