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Specializing in Global Brand and Communications Management, #barefacedcreative owner Amber Weigand-Buckley is a member of the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association (AWSA) and has over 26 years of award-winning multimedia experience. The publications she has served have received over 25 awards from the Evangelical Press Association. She was named the 2015 AWSA Member of the Year and the 2018 Evangel University Distinguished Communications Alumni of the Year. Currently, Amber serves authors and speakers in many consultancies, coaching, communication strategy, as well as book cover and promotional design capacities. This includes her role as Marketing, Communications, and Brand Director for the Right to the Heart Ministry Network, including AWSA. 


Amber is the founding editor and Art Director of Leading Hearts magazine (which has received an EPA award every year of its 8 years of publication. Amber is the former co-host of a weekly FB Live video podcast and internet radio show; Something 2 Celebrate, on the Acts Media Network.  She also serves Asia Pacific Media (a ministry based in Manila, Philippines) as a fundraising consultant and editor and art director for their multimedia e-mag MISSION magazine. In her partnership with AP Media, she traveled to Asia Pacific Theological Seminary in Baguio, Philippines, to teach media missionaries from Myanmar, Indonesia, India, and the Philippines how to launch a Christian publication at their home churches.


Amber heads social media and internet marketing for London Calling Pasty Company and client social media communications for Pregnancy Care Center of Springfield (Missouri).  She is the marketing assistant for Red Umbrella Pictures, an independent screenwriting company, and a marketing and editorial consultant for CEO Lifestyle Magazine in Richmond, Virginia. She has helped launch businesses and ministries in the greater Richmond, Virginia community.


Amber has the heart to help others launch and put their best foot forward in the ministry that God has called each one to serve.


Amber has been married to Brit-native Philip for over 28 years, and they have 3 daughters: Saffron, Imogen, and Penelope. In their spare time, her family enjoys doing reptile education in Springfield, Missouri, and their surrounding communities as members of the Southwest Missouri Herpetological Society.

the weigand-buckley crew

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Amber describes her expertise in her ability to extract simple, unexpected beauty from words and ideas as they splat randomly over paper and mold them into a final masterpiece. Putting words to it, she is a creative strategist, project manager, networker, researcher, constant contemplator, writer, poet, storyteller, podcast host as well as an award-winning editor and designer.

With Amber’s vision at the helm of the publications she has served, she has garnered notoriety and wide respect from music/publishing industry insiders, notable Christian professionals, editors and journalists.

Amber is a self-proclaimed social media, music, pop culture and fun stuff junkie, who embraces innovation and the heart of the constant learner. This is accentuated by her love for coffee and wordplay.


She got her foot wet in journalism by serving on her 8th grade paper at Study Junior High and was subsequently introduced to line tape, waxing machines, and proportion wheels while serving on The High Times staff at Central High School in Springfield, Missouri.


She went on to receive her Bachelors in Journalism from Evangel College (University) in Springfield, and a lot has changed since then ...



As the editor for ONCOURSE, the Assemblies of God national youth ministries magazine, Amber guided the Fall 2012 transition from print to its first place in the nation digital eMag format—reaching beyond the Web to access the tablet and smartphone marketplace


She also orchestrated the redesign and presently serves as managing editor and designer for Mission magazine, a publication of Asia Pacific Media (  

Amber is an author with hundreds of published works. These include articles for magazines such as Discipleship Ideas, The Pentecostal Evangel, The Australian Evangel,,, Club Connection, Cornerstone Connection (Central Florida), Enrichment Journal, Sermon Spice, Shine Magazine, Women’s Touch, Spirit (Vanguard University) and Vitality (Natural Health Journal). She has been a contributor to Q&A: Conversations with 50 inspiring people (Pentecostal Evangel Books), What's in the Bible for . . . Teens (Starburst Publishers) and Revolve 2009 (Thomas Nelson). Her work has also extended to writing curriculum and devotional material for Radiant Life (Gospel Publishing House) and Missionettes Girls Only Program, and poetry for Standard Publishing.


Random Stalker Facts...


1. When I was on staff at ONCOURSE magazine, my co-worker Kristi Arnold and I set up a talk show set in the elevator at the Assemblies of God headquarters and interview people as the got on the lift. It was a very short talk show.


2. When I was in second grade at Westport Elementary School (in Springfield), I was sent to the principal's office for stealing mints and scratch-n-sniff stickers from my teacher's desk.


3. During an interview with Stephen Baldwin, I ate a french fry off his lunch plate

(He, did offer).


4. I accidentally washed one of my cats in a front loader, he didn't make it through the spin cycle :(.


5. My big sister Lisa is office manager for Teen Challenge USA. My little sister Lorrie just received her license in cosmetology. My older brother Ken is a master of the web at Digital Monitoring Products and my little bro Dan has built some amazing cars. We all live in a 20-mile radius of our 70ish going on 17 mother—she's got the DNA that crafted this family of mad geniuses. 


6. Speaking of mad geniuses, an 8-month period of insomnia writing in which I could not stop hearing rhyming words and "story" in my head ended with a check-in to the local psychiatric ward, where pencil access was "limited." I couldn't help but think, "Is this how Emily Dickenson and Edgar Allen Poe felt? And if so, did anyone ever take away their pencils?"


You can see the reflections in my mental health journey and my challenges of the Bipolar mind on my  #sisterhoodoftheshortyellowpencils page #dissolvethestigma


7. My husband, Philip is social media manager for our family ball python, Rick Astley. We've also recently added two more ball pythons Lemony "Lemy" Snicket, Howard "Howie" Jones, a Kenyan Sand Boa named Albee and a Crested Gecko named Locke to our brood.


8. I LOVE The Monkees. And because of the great love of my friend Papa Phil Keaggy who introducing me to Micky's producer, years later I had coffee with my favorite Monkee of

all-time. Seriously, I wanted to be his daughter.


9. I was born in Battle Creek, Michigan, the Breakfast Cereal Capitol of the World.


10. If it wasn't for an Irish Republican Army bomb threat in London, my hubby and I would have never met. 


11. All my daughter's names have a connection to Music and Shakespeare. And lined up in  meaning from oldest to youngest mean Precious Spice of Wisdom, Light of Truth, Faithful Weaver of Grace.


12. All things Python and Dr. Who...this pretty much says it. 




my co-creative & comedy

& yes, he does have an accent

BTW if you are ever in Springfield, Missouri,you'll probably find us at our fave double-decker bus of a food truck, London Calling Pasty Company. Their pasties are even more delicious than ones we've eaten in Britain (and we've had some pretty awesome ones on the other side of the pond.)  Check them out.


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Do you need an honest bare-bones approach to launching you to the next level in publishing or music career or ministry calling?

Whether you need assistance in branding and image coaching, media kit development, social media, project promotion, advertising, book design, layout and illustration, Philip, Amber and the @barefacedcreative media team, with over 22 years experience in the publishing and promotions industry is here to help.



God Sends Me Angels

Tom & Dorcas Young

 When you have people in your life that just love you and support you for no more than that, there is no doubt in my mind, that angels are among us.


Tom and Dorcas have been my second parents since my days serving in National Youth Ministries. They are such talented thespians with a heart for seeing their big love for Jesus and the arts collide into something amazing.


Now that these retirees have left their regular paychecks behind to pursue a life of full-time evangelism, Tom is my faithful copyeditor for everything that comes to my hands, just because he wants me to take great joy in doing what I do best, throwing word paint on the walls. And he is always there for the clean up.



Love you guys!

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