• Amber Weigand-Buckley

Sometimes A Friend Loves Further For The Better

Pardon for typos, but all my girlfriends rock ... and I feel thoroughly blessed.

But, I have to admit, that there are people in my life that I call "friends I love from a distance." I actually believe I'm called to "LOVE THEM FROM A DISTANCE." Not because I don't love them, but because it takes me pulling back from their up close and personal, to keep myself from absorbing their atmosphere.

I can already here the friends I haven't talked to in awhile—"I'm I on the list?" It's a very short list.

But I do find another person's consistent negativity can "consume me", another person holding your good deeds for them as a basis of a relationship...that can consume me also because I want to be a representative of love and light and goodness.

The true beauty of loving from a distance is God gives you "Spiritual Eyes" to see His deep love for people...the beauty of their dirt in which they were uniquely crafted from. I imagine Him saying,

I see everything of a masterpiece through all the uncomfortable whirling you sense when you try to pull them in close, and I delight in them.

I'm also blessed to have my hedge friends because they teach me and lead me and support and accentuate me . On second thought, instead of hedge maybe I should call these ladies my "stretch pants and girdle" friends, because they allow me to be authentic and comfortable yet challenge me to grow strong--

I believe my spiritual gift is being a plus sized stretch pant friend .

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