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Gimme All You've Got!

In this age of tech, many have already been made aware of some amazing news. Someone you don’t know in someplace you haven’t been has a million dollars you have yet to claim.

How many of you have thought, upon receiving such a notice: “Yes! I’m ready to send my bank account information today!”

I have to admit I’d be the first to flag that spam, because it is packaged in lies and deception.

However, what if I were to tell you that you have an inheritance that’s been available to you for many years that you have yet to claim? What if I were to say it’s worth more than a million dollars? Would you be willing to accept it if a steady stream of cash just kept showing up in your mailbox, with a note from God? “I’m sending this because I love you and I wanted you to have it.”

Would you still be a skeptic?

I have a surprise for you: God shows up every day, in every situation, in the big and small miracles of life. So the questions: Are your eyes open to praise HIM? Are you trusting in His greatness? Are you bragging on His goodness?

He Is pouring it OUT, even if someone takes your favorite parking space at Sunday morning at church. In fact, He is pouring out even in the midst of the anguish of tragedy; that’s when our eyes must be even more open to see it.

That divine favor goes even further. In fact, every prayer that has ever been prayed for you over the years is STILL AFFECTING CHANGE in your life for HIS glory and in those whose lives intersect with yours.

Why? Because He loves you. Because He is a God Who leaves no prayer unanswered.

Because answers come sometimes immediately and sometimes they continue to unfold along the way. Having faith in Him in all things is a daily declaration of His ability and presence with you in all things and through all things.

We must come to the realization that this cash is in our pockets, and we must take it out so we can be an instrument of God’s glory and blessing to others.

This is place where we can radiate the fullness of the God we serve—in HIGH DEFINITION. He is the God who saves. He is the God who loves unconditionally. He is the God who provides. He is the God Whose names have no ability to fit into this article’s word count. And He is faithful. We share in the inheritance of Christ. What belongs to Him belongs to us.

Romans 8:17 says: “Now if we are children, then we are heirs--heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ” (NIV).

I not only want to know Him; I want to reflect the greatness of the gift of His Salvation and sustaining grace. I want people to see me as His face, hands and feet. In gratitude for this great gift my heart longs to serve Him in moving that love to others in my path. He cares for me, and I’m committed to cashing in on my inheritance and paying that goodness forward for His glory.

“So, Father, Thank you for every prayer that has been spoken over my life.” I’m so thankful that the richness of this payout is for today and spans all the generations to come.

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