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Lauren Daigle: He's Got It Covered

Lauren Daigle has burst into music stardom like a firecracker.

Audiences immediately took notice of Lauren when the first single from her debut album, How Can It Be hit radio airwaves. And then the awards came rolling in: K-Love Artist of the Year, Dove New Artist of the Year, and multiple Grammy


In fact, Lauren has been so in demand and her schedule has been so non-stop just sinking an

interview with this amazing lady is prize all its own.

Lauren has been on the tour bus all summer performing with artists and bands like For King & Country, Hillsong United, Francesca Battistelli, and Switchfoot. As Lauren puts it, her schedule has been “nonstop but a lot of fun.”

All the unexpected accolades still “takes [Lauren’s] breath away.” The 24 year-old-gal from Lafayette, Louisiana praises God for her ability to adapt to the changes his brought into her life in such a short amount of time. “God has been faithful to bring little surprises along the way to keep me in tune and inspired over and over again,” she says. “People are connecting, and God is promoting.”

While Lauren is tackling the new pace of life like a pro, about nine years ago life was much different. At the age of 15, a debilitating illness took Lauren out of school and community for two years. Once a social butterfly, she started to get lonely and drifted into a season of depression. It was then that her mother encouraged her to stay focused on persevering to wellness, and Lauren began to research people who had overcome difficulties.

Through her studies, she began to ask God the purpose of this journey, and then she saw Him as her comforter, friend, and confidant. She shares these words of encouragement to those facing a difficult time today, “Let [your situation] be the motivation to propel you into the next season. Find out what the purpose is for it because there is a purpose for everything.”

That season of debilitation did motivate Lauren to overcome and live bravely. When faced with obstacles now, she reminds herself that “Do not fear” is listed in the Bible 365 times, a daily reminder. When

approached by moments of fear, she replaces with The Truth of His Word. “I’m called lovely and pure just because who Jesus is, and I try to take on the promises that come with being a child of The Most High King,” Lauren says. “One of those perfect promises is that His love casts out all fear.”

In the hustle, Lauren admits she has wrestled with decision making, but God encourages us to keep our hearts in the position to honor Him. She explained that we think God will be disappointed if we make a wrong decision. However, He gave us the free will to make a decision. “I just want to stay in that position of

submission and honor,” she says. “living in a place where I can’t make a wrong decision because He makes all things right. He makes all things good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.”

This fall, Lauren will headline her first tour, A Night with Lauren Daigle. Her prayer for the tour is for everyone to receive a refreshing from God. “I am preparing for the impact that I want to come out of these nights,” she says. “I feel like it’s going to be a time for the body of Christ to reconnect, share stories, and love each other.”

On the tour, Lauren will be partnering with CURE International, as medical missions are near to her heart. “I used to write in my journals, as a kid, how I wanted to open up children’s homes and help heal the sick and mother the orphans,” she says. “Connecting with CURE International, where that is their same heartbeat, it was a common thread between us.”

To many of her fans, young and young at heart, Lauren is living the American dream. But from

Lauren’s perspective that dream is much different. “In America, the mindset is to strive, strive, strive. Climb the ladder,” she says. “But when you strip it all down, success looks like following through with the call that God places on your life.”

Lauren notes that success for some looks like a classroom, for others that will be the mission field and yet for others that will be cleaning the floors in a retirement community.

“It’s important to be aware of what God places in front of us,” Lauren says. “I think that living in complete submission and earnestly seeking how the Kingdom can come to Earth through what God is calling you to—that is what success is in my eyes.”

Much of that belief is rooted in her favorite Scripture passage, Proverbs 16:9: “The mind of man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps” (NASB). Lauren says that those words have assured her that she doesn’t have to strive to make it all work.

“He is the One holding it all together. He’s aligning every step along the way,” she says. “There’s no risk in the kingdom of God. He is covering you all the way. Knowing that definitely relieves the pressure. He

covers everything that could happen along that journey because His love for us is so deep.”

Be sure to follow Lauren Daigle on all the social media outlets for her latest music videos. For more information, visit her at www.laurendaigle.com.

Amber Weigand-Buckley, LH editor interviewed Lauren.

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