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Get an autographed copy of

Call of the Mild,

available for a limited time only!

Join comedian, actor, and writer Torry Martin as he shares his latest outlandish misadventures!

Whether he's dealing with pythons in South Africa, pickpockets in Ireland, or grizzlies in Alaska, Torry shares his blunders and the life lessons they've taught him along the way. Through each true story, he shares what he has learned about overcoming any obstacle that might hold us back from following God's will—wherever He might lead.

Torry's comical adventures will show you how to recognize, receive, and bravely respond to the Creator's call for your life. His mishaps, mayhem, and madcap revelations prove that no matter how broken you might think you are, when you listen closely, you will hear God's voice—roaring like a lion.


"There's a very short list of books that made me cry and laugh out loud—and that brought me closer to Christ. This is the second Torry Martin book to occupy that list."

Dallas Jenkins, director of The Resurrection of Gavin Stone and The Shepherd

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