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To Seize or Not to Seize? That is the Question

I was thinking this morning about the things I let seize my day... discouragement, anger, frustration... something as minimal as getting the wrong coffee when you've traversed a long line at Starbucks, a dirty house, a clogged toilet, kids that color on the walls, a co-worker who you find out is talking about you behind your back.

Sometimes I find myself saying Why, God Why? I woke up praising You--getting ready to give my day to You and You give me this. Thanks a lot! Can I seize the lessons that surround my trying times without seizing the negativity and anger. Can I troubleshoot the dirty house without seizing necks of my children who generated the mess:?

Maybe the first step in seizing the day is knowing what I can let go of. What's essential is my mind to seize, is not necessarily God's view of essential... so let me seize the knowledge of who God is in the stuff that pops up in my day and know that there are certain things that I can't let seize my well-minded effectiveness.

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