• Amber Weigand-Buckley

God doesn’t need me to tell Him what He CAN’T do...

I remember the day clearly as anything— in a time of prayer God spoke to me and said: "Don't ever tell Me what I can't do with your life."

It's funny, I could never have imagined my potential to do a magazine by myself in a classroom. In fact, I didn't know too much about magazines when I left college. But I do know God has stretched me above and beyond in writing... and I never knew I would be able to say this ... design, broadcasting and even speaking.

There may not be very much demand in the marketplace, but I will be doing magazines all my life because that's what I take joy in doing...sharing the stories to encourage and inspire and using art to draw people in--bringing the written word to life.

I may have to do other things to pay the bills, but nothing will block me from pursuing my passion, increasing my giftings and fulfilling my calling.

And paycheck or not, I will continue to write my own job description that the Lord is committed daily to helping me live up to. And I will push myself in the areas I don't feel qualified.

I know there is no perfect, and that "failure" has been rewritten in my life many times as perfecting the art of the do-over. All because He steps in. #barefacedpurpose #greaterthings #livingthedream

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